Food Composting using Dungster LLC in-vessel composting apparatus.

In-vessel composting is correctly regarded as a superior composting method. Superior over other aerated composting methods. A Wikipedia page is devoted to in-vessel composting and articulates these merits very well, it is worth visiting. The merits of in-vessel composting arise for several reasons, including:

  1. The organics are secured and contained in a fixed X by Y by Z dimensioned steel vessel.
  2. Point 1 means that ideal composting conditions, especially oxygen levels, can be maintained.
  3. These vessels provide an appropriate surface-to-volume ratio for thermophilic (hot) composting.
  4. Floor space is optimized since vertical cubic space is used.
  5. “Bad actors” like vermin and birds can be denied access by a steel vessel and a cover.
  6. Odors can be effectively managed with a bio-layer.
  7. Environmental impacts are lessened as rain and snow are denied access.
  8. Leachant can be caught and managed at its source.

Dungster’s in-vessel food composting, which uses a common and un-modified roll-off dumpster as the vessel brings additional benefits. While waste dumpsters might seem ordinary, these brutes provide several benefits, including:

  1. Dumpsters are standardized vessels, the most common are 10, 20, 30 and 40-yard in volume.
  2. Point 1 permitted Dungster LLC to create a low cost, standardized aeration system.
  3. Unmodified dumpsters are an affordable, liquid asset.
  4. Dumpsters are highly mobile, designed to be moved with ease.
  5. Point 4 above often means building and other permits are not required!
  6. Dungster LLC aerations systems are courier delivered for your locally sourced dumpster.
  7. Dumpsters are available in every community, urban or rural.
  8. Dumpsters can be purchased or rented as can Dungster LLC aerations systems.
  9. Points 4, 6, 7 and 8 above means the Dungster composting method is easily scaled up.
  10. Dumpsters are durable, with a service life beyond a decade.
  11. Dumpsters are serviceable, repairs made by a routine mobile welder.
  12. A dumpster outside surfaces is a branding opportunity.

While routine dumpsters do not include a lid or roof, Dungster can provide an ideal rigid and modular roof as seen below. These roofs are segmented, with 2 units covering a 10-yard dumpster and 4 units covering 20, 30 and 40-yard dumpsters. The roof is segmented, allowing one-person to handle them. And they can be applied incrementally as the composter is filled protecting the contents from sun, rain and snow. During the composting cycle these are secured in place with provided straps and are even lockable preventing rogue dumping of unauthorized waste. Yet they are breathable, permitting the exhaust of naturally occurring aerobic gases.   

The most economical way to turn horse manure into compost Dumpster Kits avaiable for purchase or rental