Manure Composting Economics - Equine Affaire Presentation

Appropriately, on this Earth Day 2023, I am reaching out after we met last week at Equine Affaire event in Columbus Ohio and as I promised, I am providing you with access to my first PowerPoint presentation, “Manure Composting Economics”. The second and bonus presentations will follow soon.

Thursday’s session at 4PM was “Manure Composting Economics”, it contained a couple dozen informative slides.  The summary is this; compost is a valued agricultural product that is sold across America for $30 to $46 per cubic yard. Furthermore, the costs to compost manure, both the equipment cost (purchased or rented) and operating costs are low and therefore the resulting compost sales can be a positive cash flow. As I like to say, it “pays its own way and a more.”

This first of three presentations can be downloaded from the Dungster website without even providing an email address, there is no “gatekeeper” step involved.

Visit : Presentations and Resources | Dungster Composting. Naturally, you are welcome to visit the entire website, you might find it interesting reading.Dungster Composting Economics

I enjoyed meeting you. When you want to begin on-site composting let us re-connect and I will help you. It really is easy, …take the first step toward on-site composting with Dungster LLC.

Look for my second and third presentations in the days ahead.

Finally, please forward this message, and my presentations, to all your equine friends.