Manure Composting Health, Hygiene, Ecology - Equine Affaire Presentation

Like the Earth Day message sent last Saturday when I released the “Manure Composting Economics” presentation, today I am releasing the second presentation I delivered at Equine Affaire entitled “Manure Composting; Health, Hygiene and Ecology”. The bonus presentation “Economy of Effort” will follow soon and reveals a simple manure handling technique (O.H.I.O.) that lessens the workload while protecting the environment.Manure Composting Health, Hygiene and Ecology

Friday’s session at 1PM was “Manure Composting; Health, Hygiene and Ecology” and contained less than two dozen informative slides, some slides contained pleasant surprises about compost’s attributes.  The summary is this; manure is regulated because it can do harm, however compost is not regulated. Raw manure can be a source of air and water pollution. It can harbor and spread disease, cause nuisance fly hatch episodes, stress neighbor relations and generally large piles of manure distract from farm aesthetics. On the other hand, compost is a valued agricultural product. After composting the volume will shrink by about 1/3 and as a valued agricultural product,compost usually does not accumulate long on the property. It moves off the property because … it has a cash value!

This presentation can likewise be downloaded from the Dungster website without providing an email address.

Visit: Presentations and Resources | Dungster Composting. Again, you are encouraged to visit the entire website, you might find it interesting reading.

I enjoyed meeting you in Columbus Ohio. When you want to begin on-site composting let us re-connect and I will help you. It really is easy, …take the first step toward on-site composting with Dungster LLC.

Finally, please forward this message, and my presentations, to your equine friends.