Dungster Adds Solar Powered Option

Working with the Gaub Farm in Edinboro PA Dungster Dungster expanded their product offering to include off-the-grid composting. 

Dungster's off-the-grid solution is supporting an aeration system housed in a composting vessel made up of the 2x2x6 foot stacked concrete blocks. Like all Dungster systems, the entire package was delivered in a "kit" form.   The solar panels, 2, 100 Watt panels, are in a common frame and clamp to the top surface of the 2x2x6 foot concrete blocks. In this way, summer wind storms will not damage the solar panels. Beneath the sloped panels, protected from direct rain and snow are two electrical boxes. The first is the charge controller and the second is the 12-volt deep cycle marine battery. The charge controller monitors the battery's charge level and charges the battery during daylight hours.    

The blower control is mounted on the blower itself. The "on/off" timing is fully adjustable so to provide just the correct volume of air per hour. 

  • No inverter is necessary as the blower and blower control is DC (direct current) not AC (alternating current).
  • Solar panels (2) provide for rapid recharging of the battery even in the winter months of lessened daylight hours.
  • Marine grade 12-volt, deep cycle battery alone supplies power during nighttime for round-the-clock aeration.
  • Autonomy period is dependent upon the duty-cycle. The more “on” time vs “off” time the shorter the autonomy period.
  • If battery is totally depleted, the on/off timer on the blower control should be switched off for 24-hours to allow the battery to be recharged.