With Dungster's Ramp-it-Up loading kit your daily chores place the manure and soiled bedding directly into the Dungster Composter in one movement eliminating multiple "touches" and avoiding manure lying upon the ground potentially leaching nutrients into the environment. This also eliminates operating a piece of power equipment, like a tractor, during daily chores.  This provides a lower carbon footprint and inheritly improved safety for all the people and animals at the farm. This is an great help for the full-board owner/operator who has limited time.

Like the aeration kit, the loading ramps require no modification to the host dumpster. They likewise are all manageable items in weight, permiting the installation, adjustment and removal to be a one-person task that is accomphished in a few minutes time.

Similar to the aeration kits, these can be purchased or rented from Dungster LLC.

Contact the company for more information by emailing info@DungsterComposting.com. 

The most economical way to turn horse manure into compost Dumpster Kits avaiable for purchase or rental