Compost is Mother Nature at work. Our world needs to return to mother earth as much as we take.

Composting is one way this can occur. Raw wastes, such as manure and food scraps, needs to be responsibly managed so they do no harm (see eutrophication). The heat generated by composting manure kills weed seeds, fly larva, and pathogens. Nutrients are converted and fixed in a form plants can absorb, are less susceptible to leaching, and finished compost has no offensive odors nor does it attract flies and rodents as will raw manure. While manure management is certainly not a new issue, it is increasingly becoming a topic that must be addressed. Most states already have environmental regulations addressing animal density per acre to protect from manure nutrients running-off into streams and leaching into drinking wells and ground water.  Some states are implementing food diversion legislation with composting of food the preferred alterantive. The Dungster system can be used in both applications.

Horse hosting operations are designated as a “CAO” Concentrated Animal Operation by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

The most economical way to turn horse manure into compost Dumpster Kits avaiable for purchase or rental