Composting Should be Affordable and Easy.


The best solution for Waste-to-Compost - low cost, scalable and ecological.

The most economical way to turn waste into compost Dumpster Kits avaiable for purchase or rental

The Dungster has patented a high-efficiency, in-vessel, aeration composting system ideal for manure management and other biodegradable waste management projects. With a locally sourced dumpster and a Dungster Composting Kit, delivered by courier to your door, you can be making compost within hours of receiving the kit. No tools required for assembly!

Manure is nasty. However, composted manure is far from nasty ... it is the humus of Mother Earth. And it renews the earth, it retains moisture given as rain from heaven above and it has nutrients in a from that yields abundant plant growth. The world needs more compost and less manure. Composting the manure generated is responsible and sustainable farming at its best.

Past composting methods have been either labor intensive (turning the pile) or capital intensive (buildings and equipment). Dungster has changed that!

Add Wood Chips
Finished Compost

With Dungster, the common everyday roll-off dumpsters, as seen here, are used "as is" and become aerated vessel composters. The aeration pipes, seen here partially installed, are both affordable and reusable.

At Dungster we keep it simple.

Making use of low cost locally sourced dumpsters, the Dungster aeration composting kit enables farmers, ranches, zoos, fairs and any other operation with solid waste that must be disposed of a low cost solution that can be scaled to meet demand.

In-Vessel Composting

affordable roll-off dumpsters offer convenience


process from 5 to 25 tons a month

Saves Time

30 days to high quality, desirable compost

Low Labor

No turning or labor required


Small upfront investment

Return on investment

Positive ROI in 90 days

Year-round composting

Best seasonal solution

Quick set-up time

farmers, ranches, zoos, fairs and others can start composting quickly

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